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WorkshopTM is an iPad Application which simplifies all inputs and outputs of your seminar.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

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With the Right Software, Great Things Can Happen

20 minutes is enough to configure your workshop session. 

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Note: Our new app is cloud-based!

Simplifying the Complex in Workshops

Workflows That Work

All relevant input materials available. The participants capture their own work with the iPads.

Share & Present

All collected data become easy to share during and after the session through the iPads or any other screen

Documentation With a Push

At the end of the event the application compiles all the produced data into an exhaustive files structure ready to be sent.

No paper waste

Finally the application allows paperless event. It avoids great wastage and improve efficiency.

Built for Creatives, by Creatives


File Sharing

Total Design

No More

  • paper cuts,

  • hazardous printer configurations,

  • stressful running around,

  • sticking the assignments and taking the pictures,

  • hundreds of paper to scan,

  • late hours organising your data.

Break Out Groups

Hybrid and Multisite events

WorkshopTM also makes it easy to conduct hybrid and multisite events. Wherever they are, participants and facilitators can connect to the same session and share inputs and outputs.

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1 x Admin license

Basic subscription


30 Days Free Trial

Download in AppStore


1 x Admin license

Access to 3 connected iPads

Access to old sessions


Per month/Per year

50$ per extra connected iPad per session.

Download in AppStore

16% discount pr. year


1 x Admin license

Unlimited connected iPads

Access to old sessions


Per year

Download in AppStore

Pricing Plans

Basic is for facilitators who mainly conduct small workshop sessions (with a maximum of three groups) but occasionally need to upgrade to larger sessions.

Premium is ideal for facilitators who often work with multiple groups (3 or more) and need the flexibility to create as many groups as they require.

What Our Clients Say

Worth a visit if you run interactive workshops.  It all fits in a suitcase and travels easily with the facilitation team. The ASE uses the kit extensively.

Fabien Robineau

Head of ASE at Capgemini Consulting

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

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Not yet, an advanced facilitator?

If you are not yet into advanced facilitation, we can recommend a 2-Day Masterclass in Design & Facilitation at our business partner Openfield Institute.

Openfield Institute

The Best Way to Run Your Workshop

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